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What makes the DOC Journey different?

The DOC Journey is a collection of resources that provides information, tools, strategies and support that enables you to develop a game plan around your unique set of issues and circumstances.

As it’s a largely self-directed process, you can then create partnerships with your medical providers to solve your pain. 
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Connect with your capacity to heal

The essence of solving chronic pain is learning how to manage your body’s responses to threat. Threats, whether physical or mental, fire up your body’s defenses. When this is sustained, physical tissue damage occurs, which feeds the cycle.  By learning skills to lower your body’s stress chemicals, dampen the inflammatory response, and return your body to a relaxed state – when you choose – you can optimize your body’s physiology and your pain levels will drop or disappear. When symptoms return, you have the skills to eliminate it.

Why traditional treatments don't work

Chronic pain has traditionally been defined as “pain that lasts longer than the expected healing time,” but recent research redefines the nature of chronic pain as a neurochemical issue. When pain impulses are fired at the brain, they create neural circuits. With enough repetition, these circuits are memorized and become permanent; they keep your body in a state of high alert. Because of this, interventions focused solely on anatomy and structure cannot and will not work.

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What's included in the DOC Journey?

A Self-Directed
Guided Course

Live Weekly Q&A's with Dr. Hanscom

Monthly Webinars
and Resources

Mobile App
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The Goal of the DOC Journey Guided Course

Through awareness, hope, forgiveness, and play, you will learn methods that stimulate physical changes in your brain (neuroplasticity) and re-direct your nervous system to optimize your body’s reaction from one of threat to one of safety.





Awareness is the
first step in solving anything.

Hope is a powerful healing force.

Forgiveness allows you to move forward and let go.

Play increases your sense
of contentment.

Here's a sampling of what you will learn:
Presented in a Tested and Proven Learning Sequence

Exclusive Video Tutorials:

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Directly Lowering Stress Chemicals
Why Expressive Writing is Effective
Solving Anxiety

Monthly Recorded Webinars:

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"Stress Kills"
"Acute vs. Chronic Pain"
"Laying the Foundation"

Articles Based in Neuroscience: